a warm fuzzy

a warm fuzzy

we recently got this email which really cheered us up. The young person agreed to us sharing the email but we have blocked out their name to protect their privacy.


Sent: 20 December 2013 12:37
To: info@lgbtjigsaw.net
Subject: Hi there!

Hi to everyone at LGBT Jigsaw, and Happy Holidays!


My name is XXXX and I’m 15 years old.


I recently came across your website and charity and I think that the work you do is amazing. I think that what you do is such a genuinely amazing contribution of to the society that we live in today,


I am not gay myself, I’m straight and I have the uttermost respect for organisations like you that stand out from the crowd and the way you put yourself out there.


I for one have friends who have come out as bisexual, and they received homophobic abuse. I even get called a “lesbo” simply for associating with my own friends.


I for one cannot stand homophobic abuse or abuse of any kind to anyone and I believe that its immoral and wrong. (I wrote an ENTIRE essay about Homophobic abuse and gay rights for my English GCSE).


I love to bake, cakes, biscuits, bread.  And I would LOVE to organise a bake sale at my school in aid of this wonderful charity and many others.


Id love it if you got back in touch, and maybe even sent me some leaflets that I could pass out around school so that more people are aware of your amazing. selfless work.


Thank you for listening and once again.


Happy Holidays! xx