Housing Advice Service

The Advice Service offers LGBT young people advice and support in all areas of housing. In all cases however, you can be confident of speaking to a worker who is friendly, approachable and professional. Below are some examples of some of the most common problems we deal with: homelessness, young people who have problems with their families, relationship breakdown, homophobic harassment , homophobic violence, domestic abuse, legal queries, eviction, housing benefit .

When we first speak to you, we will give you time to explain what your problem is and what action you have taken so far. You may just need some basic advice, or you may need more in-depth help. If we can identify a particular area where we might be able to help you, we will ask you some specific questions about your housing problem and your needs. We’ll use this information to assess whether we can offer you any longer term help. We may be able to allocate a specific caseworker who will work with you to resolve your housing problem.

A caseworker might help you in a number of ways, which might include: offering you legal advice, referring you to supported housing projects, writing letters on your behalf, accompanying you to meetings, advocating for you with third parties, making a homeless application for you, helping you fill in forms such as transfer, medical or housing benefit.