Get Involved

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YOU decide what gets done around here! Make a positive contribution.

As part of the service you and your fellow users will shape how successful Jigsaw is. You make the decisions to help produce a more improved and positive outcome to reducing homeless LGBT people.

Stonewall Housing, Albert Kennedy Trust, Pace and Galop are united in providing you with the opportunity to GET INVOLVED.

By GETTING INVOLVED you will improve and strengthen both the professional and social networking of LGBT community.

Together we want you to influence Stonewall Housings decision-making process, help you gain confidence in speaking up about YOUR ideas about what YOU want and feel INVOLVED.

You will be able to organise meetings with members of your committee and put forward ideas for:

  1. Fundraising,
  2. Social events,
  3. Community projects
  4. Challenges and see the effects of your efforts!

This project will put your personal, teamwork and community skills to the test and help give you a bigger insight as to what we do at work and what needs to be improved upon!

We will work together with you to:

  1. Explore your career options
  2. One to one employment and education advisement
  3. C.V. Writing workshops
  4. Voluntary work placements
  5. Provide contacts for organisations/ existing projects for you to GET INVOLVED with.

Remember this project is only as successful as you make it, what you put into it, you will get out.

Volunteer roles available contact us for further information