Community Arts Programme

LGBT Jigsaw is proud to partner up with queer arts collective Ethel Mermaids to deliver a range of art based events.

The Ethel Mermaids are a merry band of queer misfits, bound by a love of Divas & Bad Art. Their aim is to make art, do events & stop everyone being so serious all the time.  Ethel Mermaids run events which fund our arts programme. They also lead deliver our arts events in partnership with our youth workers.

LGBT Jigsaw and the Ethel’s will be working together to help you make art. The events are a celebration of the art making process. It’s not about how good the end product is but how much fun you have in-between. In fact we might even give prizes for the baddest bad art!

Why? Well why not? Have fun when you can.


– The first event will hopefully be in February info to follow

Find out more about the Ethel Mermaids

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