How should we support young people who have sent nude selfies?

How should we support young people who have sent nude selfies?
The University of Edinburgh is starting a new research project investigating young people’s experiences of sending nude or nearly nude selfies or videos.


We want to get in touch with 16 – 18 year olds with experience of this, to hear their views on what support young people need if they find themselves in this situation.


Based on we learn from young people, we will produce a new guide which will advise professionals on how they should talk to and support young people who have shared nude selfies. This will be sent out to teachers, youth workers, social workers and police officers across the UK and it should make a real difference to how they support young people in future.


Why should I get involved?

This is an opportunity to get your views heard and to improve the way adults work with young people who have shared nude or nearly nude pictures or videos.


You can be involved in a study that will help schools, child care agencies and police respond better to the needs of young people in future.


In addition, all participants will be offered to enter a draw to win one of the 50 x £10 gift vouchers for taking part and completing the study.


What would I have to do?

If you decide to join in, we will ask you to complete three surveys which will be sent to you by email.

Completing each survey should only take 15-20 minutes. After you have returned each survey you will receive a summary of the responses of everyone who completed it, but all responses will be anonymous to the other participants. This means that it is impossible to tell who participates in the survey.


Some responses may be used as quotes in published research studies but all information that could identify a person or participant will be removed – this means that this part is anonymous too.


The surveys won’t ask you about your own personal experiences (unless you want to tell us about them). For example, in the first survey, you will read a case study about a young person who has sent nude selfies. You will then answer some questions asking your advice on what help they might need. The second and third surveys will ask you for more detail on the opinions you’ve expressed.


The three surveys will be sent out between May and August 2016, and we would need you to return each one within a week or so of receiving it.


This sounds good- how can I get involved?

It is your decision as to whether you wish to be involved in the study.

If you would like to take part, please let your teacher know or you can email Laura Cariola, the research assistant at the University of Edinburgh, at or send a text message to 07544-873-977. Laura will send you a link to the online consent form and the survey. Laura is the only person who will know your email address throughout this study. Your email will not be shared or passed to anybody else. After the study, your email will be also completely deleted from the email history.


All information given in the study will be completely confidential and individuals will remain anonymous. You will be allocated a number so that we know if you have completed all parts of the survey, meanwhile protecting your anonymity. This means that we do not have your name or email address with your responses, unless you decide to withdraw from the study. If this is the case, you will give us the number that you have been given and we then locate and delete your responses. 


You have the right to withdraw from the study at any time and request that the information provided be removed from the study up until the time that the data has been analysed. No personal information will appear in any reports that arise from the project and all anonymised data will be stored securely in line with the University of Edinburgh’s guidelines. However if during the study you write something that raises concern that you or another young person might be at risk of harm then this will be discussed with you, as we may need to share this information in order to keep you or the other young person safe.


Following the study, should you feel in need of further support or wish to talk to someone about any of the issues arising from the discussion then we can supply online contacts as well offline support in your local area. If at any time you feel that you no longer wish to be a part of the study, you can say so and no pressure will be put on you to change your mind. Anything that you have told us will be removed from the study.


Further information

If you would like any further information about this study, please contact Dr. Ethel Quayle from the University of Edinburgh, who will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Her contact details are:

If you are unhappy with anything during the study then, please contact Prof. Charlotte Clarke, the head of school. Her contact details are:



Thank you for taking the time to read more about our study. We hope you will get involved.