‘Inclusivity’ – Supporting BAME Trans People

‘Inclusivity’ – Supporting BAME Trans People

‘Inclusivity’ – Supporting BAME Trans People

For the first time in the UK, a 28-page guide with practical tips, guidance, and resources dedicated to supporting the Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) trans population of Britain: ‘Inclusivity – Supporting BAME Trans People.’

There is a trans tidal wave crossing Britain, and we are seeing more trans people in the media making headlines more than ever, with the demand for support for trans people higher than ever. Too often BAME trans people are pushed to the margins as a minority within a minority, and the voices that dominate the mainstream are the voices of white trans people, speaking for experiences the BAME population cannot relate to, meaning services are not hearing their needs, and failing to support them.

BAME trans people have always been here. Recently there have been increasing number accessing services, but the services have not always done justice for the community. We need to ensure we are doing justice for BAME trans people and including them in the dialogue, as they are a part of the trans community.

‘Inclusivity’ takes an intersectional approach and understanding that identities are complicated and layered. It acknowledges that BAME trans people do have different experiences due to culture and faith. It aims to help you find answers to questions such as:

Why are there no or few BAME trans people in my group?
Why are there no or few BAME volunteers or workers in my organisation?
How can I support a BAME trans person who attends my group?

“GIRES is proud to support this important initiative. We have been delighted to hear BAME trans people now giving voice to their special concerns, with ever greater confidence. Wide promulgation of this important document, via the networks operated by GIRES and many other groups, provides BAME trans people with a different way to convey their concerns to all policy makers, employers and service providers, as well as to families and support groups. We encourage them to listen carefully to what BAME trans people are so clearly saying”

This resource has been made with the interests, safety and rights of BAME trans people at the core, to help improve support and raise awareness for this community. It also includes research and references specific to the UK, as BAME trans research is so often USA-centric, adding to the knowledge that these communities can relate to. This guide will benefit not just BAME trans people, but the people who support them, including LGBTQ and trans organisations, employers, family and allies.

This project has been commissioned by Gender Identity Research & Education Society (GIRES), put together by graphic designer Soofiya Andry, and lead by Sabah Choudrey, an LGBTQ BAME Consultant and Activist.

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Graphic design by
Soofiya Andry              www.soofiya.com

Written by
Sabah Choudrey          www.sabahchoudrey.com