Project Indigo in Hackney continues

Project Indigo in Hackney continues

Lesbian? Gay? Bisexual? Trans? Queer?

Questioning your sexual or gender identity?

Aged 13 – 25?


Project Indigo is a Hackney based LGBTQ youth group and counselling service for young LGBTQ people or for people who are questioning their sexual or gender identity. We have just received two years continuation funding from Hackney counsel to provide our services for free.


For information about our services, please read on:


Youth Group


Our group is for people who are aged 16-25 and who identify as LGBTQ or are questioning their gender or sexuality. The group provides a safe space for young people to meet other young LGBTQ people in a supportive environment whilst having fun and making new friends.


We meet on Thursday evenings from 6pm to 8pm at Off Centre. If you or a young person you work with would like to join the group, you’re welcome to just come along, or you can get in contact with Susy or Maya by emailing


Here are some of the things that people who come to the group have said about it:


“I was really scared to come the first time, as I didn’t know what the people would be like and I’m not really out to my friends but everyone has been so welcoming and it has helped me loads so far.”


“Hi, I’m someone in Indigo. It has been really helpful for me since I started to come to the Indigo project. It has helped me to be myself and to feel free to be who I am. It will be great to come and join the indigo group guys. Anything you are going through is the same as we are going through so come here and meet with us!”


“Project Indigo is a really awesome group. It has allowed me to explore and become the gender fluid I should have always been able to be.”


 “This group is a secure getaway from the outside world where you are surrounded by like minded individuals that you can empathise with and be your complete, found self.”




Our LGBTQ specific counselling is for 13-25 year olds. It aims to help clients come to terms with difficult and challenging times in their lives.  It provides time and space to explore, in a non-judgemental way, difficult past experiences or any current issues. For more information, contact