REBEL DYKES is a documentary about a bunch of kick ass post-punk women who lived the life in London in the 1980s. We are seeking £12k to finish the film. 10% of the funds are going to LGBT homeless in London today.  Help us fund this unique film

This documentary film is being made because the history of the London Rebel Dykes of the 1980s is in danger of being forgotten. Rebel dykes created their own world, made their own rules, and refused to be ignored. We can’t let history tidy them away.

They were a bunch of kickass women in leather jackets who made their own punk bands,  zines and squats. They ran sex positive clubs. They were gender-fluid and trans friendly. They worked in the sex industry, or in manual trades, or between the cracks. They lived their politics. They fought and won. They were the first generation of sex positive outlaw women, and nothing has been quite the same since.

The film is being made DIY and  No-Budget, but high production values and huge ambition. It is uses interviews,  lo-fi animation, recreated 80s film and a huge amount of previously unseen archive video, photographs, zines, music and flyers.  The soundtrack is a mixture of fantastic lost women’s punk bands and new compositions.

The cash raised through our crowdfunder will be used to to ensure the film is cinema quality, to ensure successful marketing and distribution, and to pay necessary fees. 10% of what we raise will go to LGBT Jigsaw, lead by Stonewall Housing, London, because one thing all Rebel dykes had in common was homelessness, and there is no option for squatting today.

This film has a huge buzz. Our work in progress cut sold out at the biggest screen, at the biggest night at BFI Flare, the main European LGBT Film Festival in 2016. Our crowdfunder launch sold out the biggest screen at HOME Manchester on March 12th 2017. We have already been invited to over 30 film festivals globally. If you help us out, we’ll be offering unique perks, including postcards, film credits and VIP entrance at our parties.