Support for Domestic Abuse – Workshop

Support for Domestic Abuse – Workshop

Domestic abuse is any kind of threatening behaviour, violence, or abuse between people who have been intimate partners or family members. This includes forced marriage, abuse relating to gender identity or sexuality and so-called ‘honour’ based violence. Domestic abuse can occur between current or former intimate partners, in the home, or in the family.

Domestic abuse can take many forms, including psychological, physical, sexual, financial and emotional abuse. Find out how to tell if you’re experiencing it and what to do if you are.

Does your family,  partner or ex-partner:

  • Call you names, threaten to ‘out’ you, or use put-downs?
  • Use your gender or sexuality as a basis for threats or harm?
  • Damage your property?
  • Threaten to harm you or others that you love?
  • Control your access to money?
  • Make unwanted advances or force you into unwanted sexual contact?
  • Hit, shove, grab, kick, throw things, or use other forms of physical violence on you?
  • Control your contact with friends, family, work, or the LGBT ‘scene’?
  • Threaten to harm themselves if you leave or seek help?


Next workshop: Saturday 23 September 2017.

We run a free workshop for LGBT people in London who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse, either from an intimate partner of family member.

Our trained group facilitators will provide you with a safe, non-judgmental place to help you work through the impact of both past and current abuse.

This workshop will focus on:

  • Identifying what is an abusive relationship
  • Looking at risk factors and safety planning
  • Building and encouraging confidence, assertiveness and self esteem
  • The importance of support networks and staying connected
  • Recognising and understanding relationship patterns

The workshop will be held at a central London venue. Travel costs by public transport are available for participants on low incomes.