The Ethel Mermaids & LGBT Jigsaw Community Arts Programme

The Ethel Mermaids & LGBT Jigsaw Community Arts Programme

About the Ethel Mermaids
The Ethel Mermaids are a merry band of queer misfits, glued together by our love of Divas and Bad Art. Our aim is to make bad art, do stupid stuff at events and stop everyone being so effing serious all the time.

Bad art brought the Ethel Mermaids together and drives what we do. Bad art is joyful. It’s art that is unencumbered by the value system of “good” and “bad” – so long as it’s got heart and a sense of humour, it’s in our club. We find it, we love it, we do it and we help others to make it. We love to encourage people to free themselves from the fear that they’re not good enough or that the end result has to be “perfect”. For us, everybody is an artist.

The Ethel Mermaids are on facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and we have a blog called Mermania. Offline we do events and art workshops. We’ve worked with Amy Grimehouse, The National Trust, The V&A and The BFI’s London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

ethel mermaids

About The Ethel Mermaids’ Community Arts Programme for LGBT Jigsaw
Working in partnership with Jigsaw, The Ethel Mermaids are hosting a community arts programme for Jigsaw’s service users. The aim of the programme is to help build self esteem, explore our queer stories and have fun through creativity. We will run several workshops throughout the year, leading to an event celebrating what participants have created, including an exhibition of some of these works.

On 20th February, LGBT Jigsaw are hosting an event at Passing Clouds in Dalston. The Ethel Mermaids will be there to talk about what we will offer through the community arts programme.

Are you a queer artist? Would you like to help?
The Ethel Mermaids are gathering examples of queer creative expression for the art programme participants to use as inspiration. Useful examples would be things like zine pages, cartoons, small art works and words. Anything that is on paper or that we can print from an electronic file that can be rendered as A5 or A4 will work best.  If you are a queer artist and have anything we may be able to use, please get in touch. We’d ideally need it before our 20th Feb launch, but it will be equally useful after this date – please contact us at

Are you a crafty artist? Do you have stuff we can have?
Like us, you art and crafters out there probably have loads of different materials hanging around that you might not actually ever get to use. If you have anything you can donate for for the workshops, that would be amazing. Get in touch and we can arrange collecting materials from you. Again, before the 20th Feb will be amazing, but after is ok too. Email us –